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Overweight Child Diet Plans

Starving your overweight child to lose weight is not done. If you seriously wonder how your overweight child can lose weight, you will have to undertake some strong measures yourselves. This would include ensuring that your overweight child enjoys healthy diet plans that can help him lose weight. A healthy diet plan for an overweight child would include cutting down on lot of junk and including healthy food items in the menu that taste good and are beneficial for them.

Overweight Child Diet Plans

Discuss With Your Child's Doctor

Before making any diet plans for your overweight child it is advisable to consult with your doctor. A doctor can determine your child's obesity and accordingly suggest the right diet for your child - What needs to be included and what needs to be excluded from the diet. Accordingly you can make diet plans for your overweight child.

Include Healthy Replacement Options

Including healthy replacement options for the existing ones can help tremendously while making overweight child diet plans. This replacements can help your child lose weight and can also make up for the missing nutrients in your child's body. Some healthy replacement food options are listed in the table below:

Regular Food Options
Healthy Replacements
White rice
Brown rice
Refined flour
Whole wheat flour, Multigrain flour
Aerated Drinks
Fruit and vegetable Smoothies, fresh fruit juices
Chocolate bars
Homemade protein bars, granola bars
Ice creams
Fruit popsicles
Sugary cereals
Wholegrain cereals, oats
Whole-wheat pasta
Healthy sandwiches
Low fat butter, margarine
Whole milk
Low fat milk, soy milk

Encourage Your Child's Involvement in Diet Planning 

Involving your child in diet planning helps in a big way. Once you help your child understand how important it is to include healthy foods in your daily diet, involve him or her in your plans for diet plans to lose weight. Take your child grocery shopping and give him an option of choosing his healthy food and drinks. Teach your child how to read food labels and learn about healthy food. 

Go For Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking allows you to nibble on some awesome food options without worrying about calories and putting on weight. For instance instead of munching fried chips, one can try healthy snacking on dry fruits. Involve your children in kitchen by allowing them to help you prepare some healthy snacks at home such as protein bars or granola bars. Kids can always help in making healthy salads or other kid friendly foods such as fruit muffins or fruit flavored yogurt. More they involve in food making process, more they opt to eat and enjoy the healthy foods. Some healthy snacking options can include:

- popcorn without butter

- cucumber, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes lightly tossed with salt and pepper

- yogurt with fresh fruits

- fresh fruits

- fruit muffins

- fruit smoothies

Try Recipes Which Allow Hiding Your Child's Disliked Food Items 

Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, beetroot always end up in most disliked foods by kids. Parents often wonder how to incorporate these foods as part of their kid's healthy diet plans. So maybe such foods can find their way in your child's weight in a disguised way. Instead of including these foods in their actual format you could mash them and disguise them to make their way in your child's food without fuss. For examples smoothies, soup, kebabs, cutlets are great way of incorporating food items in a tasty way.

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10 Tips While Planning Overweight Child Diet Plans

1. Keep in check your child's like and dislikes for certain food. Like for instance few children hate vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin or even bottle-gourd.

2. Remove items such as whole cream, refined flour, excessive sugar, salt, etc from the menu.

3. Include healthy options such as olive oil or reduced fat cheese and cream.

4. Replace refined flour varieties with whole grain varieties. For instance whole wheat biscuits instead of regular biscuits, whole wheat bread instead of white bread.

5. Plan diet revolving around small food portions. Avoid large portions, instead serve your child small portions of food five to six times a day.

6. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.

7. Include lean meat instead of meat portions with high fat.

8. Prepare healthy food options and keep them in reach for a child to nibble on when hungry. This could include home-made protein bars, smoothies, granola bars, sliced fruits, or homemade fruit flavored yogurt.

9. Include low fat milk or cow milk in your overweight child diet plans instead of whole milk. You could also include Soy products such as soy milk and tofu.

10. While eating out, encourage your child to opt for healthy options other than fried items.

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